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Crafty@Night is coming to a store new you…

…if you happen to live in or around Elkhart, Ind., that is.

That’s right! The Crafty@Night wallets and keychains will be sold at Innovations Hair Design in Elkhart starting tomorrow! I’m excited and nervous but we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Here’s a peek at the display I made for the items:


As you can see, my collection of both wallets and keychains has grown considerably…



Making the stand was actually incredibly easy. I found the idea on Pinterest (of course) but the original post is from Better Homes and Garden.

Just got to your local thrift or antique store and pick out a dinner plate, candlestick holder and either a salad plate or shallow bowl. I found a these two matching dishes and a TON of other pretty items at Goodwill for hella cheap.

Then, just glue them together! I used a dollar store craft glue and it worked beautifully. Just make sure and give it a good 24 hours to dry. For a grand total of less than $5, I think it’s pretty darn cute. This one will sit in the salon as the display for my items, but I’ll be making another for my apartment. I think it’ll be great jewelry, knick-knack or bathroom storage.

I’m itching for more ideas, so what are some of the clever Pinterest projects you have found?!

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Mother’s Day Make

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the Mommas out there. Now that the day has come and gone I can share the gift I made my wonderful mother!


A wallet! She was in desperate need for a new one so I looked up a bunch of patterns. This was by far my favorite so I just kind of ran with it and picked up fabrics that reminded me of her. Her favorite color is red but she’s a little too conservative to work an all red wallet, so I save the color for the inside. She was really pumped about it and so I am honestly. It came out great!

Here are some other views:


From the side


The inside. It has six card slots, plus large pockets on both sides for cash, extra cards, etc., plus a change pocket.  And trust me, she needs all the space she can get. Her last one was falling apart from being continuously overstuffed and forced shut. I also made the tab a little longer so hopefully she can always snap it close – no matter how many photos, rewards cards and pennies she hangs on to.

She and my family were all really impressed, which may be because we’ve never been a family of crafters so anything handmade that doesn’t look like crap is a total shock… but I do think it came out pretty well. They suggested I start selling them. What do you think? Would you buy one?


The rest of Mother’s Day was lovely too.


Unbelievable peonies from our garden!


They smell so good too!


We had a shrimp boil for Mother’s Day lunch!

It was ridiculously easy. Just toss a bag of Old Bay shrimp boil seasoning into a large pot of boiling water. Add a quartered lemon and then potatoes, corn, sausage and shrimp (at different times, in order of how long they take to cook, duh). Either dump it on a big table covered in parchment or fish all the goodies out like we did. The seasoning was just right and the lemon really comes through. Delicious!


Mom set out some boxes for me to take back to Indy with me in preparation for the big move. You have no clue how hard it was to not just box up this little (ok, he’s pretty big) cutie and just take him back with me. If I would I could Mr. Phil, sorry buddy!

I hope everyone else had a great Mother’s Day. What other things did people make for their mommas?!

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