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Tarn and other knitty-ness.

My knitting obsession continues. Seriously, I’ve barely slept this week and there are definitely yarn scraps in my bed. But that’s really beside the point, the point being the fruits of my tireless labor.


The best bow ever.



I’m just really obsessed with the hot pink worsted weight yarn. And it’s a bow, so duh it’s awesome. Also, I used this little project to learn the moss stitch. I really like the results, but don’t necessarily love how time consuming it is.

I’ve been reading up on knitting the past few days and heard that knitting Continental style is much faster. I’m right-handed so English feels pretty natural. Thoughts my more experienced yarn-minded compatriots?


Another awesome bow, this time in headband form.


I used some really lovely black worsted weight Red Heart yarn. It’s a different line that’s much softer than the Super Saver I’ve used thus far.

I knitted this on US 13 needles, doubled stranded. As I’ve said before, I’m impatient. I also wanted something with a little more body that would both stand out against my hair and also be able to hold up to it. I have a lot of hair.

Both pieces are just a simple garter stitch, but they get this really great knobby texture when knitted with two strands held together on these fat needles.

I’m enjoying these little projects, just to see how different needle size, weight and stitch styles can change the look of something. The experimentation will continue!

And a lot of it will be with this:




If you are unfamiliar, Tarn is t-shirt yarn. Made from t-shirts cut into continuous strips and then just essentially stretched out into long tubes, this stuff is awesome. And seriously, so easy.

Which leads me to ask: HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS SOONER?!

Perhaps because I wasn’t knitting until now. Anywho, better late than never.

I made these three “skeins” last night out of some old/oversized t-shirts I had around the apartment. I have intentions on thrifting some more material this weekend though.

If you’re interested in making some yourself, here and here are a couple of great resources. I won’t bother reinventing the wheel with so many good tutorials out there already. And seriously, it couldn’t be easier.

My only word of warning: near seams, on thin strips or on particularly fragile material, be careful not too tug TOO hard. You risk ripping your tarn!



I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do with the tarn yet, but there are tons of great ideas on Pinterest. First up will probably be this Lion Brand pattern though, which calls for their Zpagetti yarn. Which, from what I can tell, is fancy tarn.

Anyone out there have experience working with tarn? Project ideas welcome!


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Knitting: It’s so knotty!

So, I taught myself to knit this weekend!

It’s great fun, but after practicing for two straight days (and unraveling it all) I decided to hunt for a quick and easy (super easy) project to keep me energized.

Enter: The “It’s a Cinch” headband.


I’m a little obsessed. I stayed up way too late last night to finish it, but I’m glad I did. I’ll definitely be making quite a few more (in EVERY color). I’m envisioning them in different yarn weights and needle sizes. This one was knitted in Super Saver 4 worsted (sorry if this doesn’t make sense – I don’t really know the lingo yet) in this AWESOME hot pink on size 11 (US) needles. It’s a larger size than the pattern called for, but I’m impatient and wanted it to go quicker. I really like using the bigger needles. Easier for a newbie! Next time I’ll probably make it a little thinner and leave the tails longer to be able to wrap the center better.


Cozy ears.

But I do like how I can pull it over my ears to keep warm now that its becoming rather frigid and then fold it back and keep it on as a normal headband all day. Yes, I realize it probably looks a little odd as a normal headband (in the office) but that’s never stopped me before.


“Normal” headband

And please excuse my dour expression. The photos were taken quite early.




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Weekly Pin Win

Good morning all! I was having trouble getting to sleep tonight, so instead of tossing about in bed I figured catching up on my blogging was a better use of this new found time than most. It’s giving me a chance to get up a post I’ve been meaning to do for some time now.

I’m starting a weekly feature called “Weekly Pin Win,” in which I will attempt something that I have pinned on Pinterest and show the results here. As you can probably guess based off the title of this post, I’m hoping most of these will go well.

OH, and the name is totally up for discussion. It was really this first thing I could come up with (it is 5 am and I haven’t slept yet afterall) but I’m totally open to suggestions.

I’m just hoping that a weekly feature will encourage me to try some of the cool things I’m constantly pinning. So each week I will pick one, link to the pin and then show my attempt at it. The types of pins will vary  from crafts, to hair to recipes to sewing. This first one is kind of cheating since this is actually the second time I’ve done this project and blogged about it, but I didn’t include the original pin before.




Ta-da! This pin is just as easy and cute and it looks and sounds. You simply take two old dishes and a candlestick holder – I thrifted mine from Goodwill – and glue them together. The pin suggests using craft glue made for ceramics, but I honestly just used some dollar store craft glue and it worked great. Just be sure and give everything a good 24 hours to dry and set. This one is smaller than the one I made previously. A shorter candlestick holder is placed between a salad plate and a saucer. It’s a super easy, super cute project that is also an attractive, space-saving storage item. I’m not sure where this guy will go yet – the show on here is clearly just for show – but I’m excited about it and will probably make more. My mom has already requested one 🙂

Has anyone else begun to tackle the Pinterest projects they’ve fallen in love with? Please share some that have (or haven’t) worked out for you!

This also gives me a chance to show off my latest Etsy creation!

This adorable wristlet is actually a phone case and wallet folded up into one. I was gifted something similar last year (and LOVE it) but they are waaaaay expensive. I made this (and am now selling it) for a fraction of the normally $80+ price tag and it’s just as cute and functional, I think. There are card slots and pockets for cash and whatnot on one side and then the other is for your phone (this one is made for the iPhone). Two elastic bands keep the phone in place and allow you full access to the touch screen and buttons without having to take it out. Handy, right?!

I’d love for you all to head on over to my shop and check it out!

And please feel free to follow me on both Etsy and Pinterest!

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Crafty@Night is coming to a store new you…

…if you happen to live in or around Elkhart, Ind., that is.

That’s right! The Crafty@Night wallets and keychains will be sold at Innovations Hair Design in Elkhart starting tomorrow! I’m excited and nervous but we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Here’s a peek at the display I made for the items:


As you can see, my collection of both wallets and keychains has grown considerably…



Making the stand was actually incredibly easy. I found the idea on Pinterest (of course) but the original post is from Better Homes and Garden.

Just got to your local thrift or antique store and pick out a dinner plate, candlestick holder and either a salad plate or shallow bowl. I found a these two matching dishes and a TON of other pretty items at Goodwill for hella cheap.

Then, just glue them together! I used a dollar store craft glue and it worked beautifully. Just make sure and give it a good 24 hours to dry. For a grand total of less than $5, I think it’s pretty darn cute. This one will sit in the salon as the display for my items, but I’ll be making another for my apartment. I think it’ll be great jewelry, knick-knack or bathroom storage.

I’m itching for more ideas, so what are some of the clever Pinterest projects you have found?!

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So Francis and I are finally getting settled in from the move! He loves the new place because there’s SO much more space for him to roll around (he even has his own room!) and I love the new place because there’s so much more space for me to roll around! Ok, I don’t really roll around but coming from a studio to an apartment with doors and actual rooms and closets is pretty sweet.

But the best part: I have a sewing room! I no longer have to hunch over my coffee to work and I don’t even have to move all my furniture to lay out fabric larger than 1 yard. It’s really quite exciting.

That, combined with some new tools…

…got me all sorts of energized to get back to sewing. So sew I did for nights and nights, until I finally had enough completed projects to…


I’m so very excited about this.

The whole thing was born from the wallet I made my mom for Mother’s Day. She couldn’t stop raving about it and when she started showing it to her clients, neither could they. She suggested I make a few more and put them up for sale in the salon – which will start next week!

But it also got me thinking about Etsy and ways that I can help supplement my modest income…

-I’ll get real with you all for a minute –

I love my job.

I absolutely love it. I am a reporter at a daily community newspaper. It’s crazy; it’s stressful but it’s also wonderful. Every single day is different. Some days go exactly as planned and other days you’re rushing out early from an interview with the Lieutenant Governor of Indiana at a hog farm to a house fire and hugging a grieving mother who’s watching everything her family owns burn in front of her. I meet amazing people, learn something new every day.

Most importantly though, this job is literally a dream coming true. I decided I wanted to be a journalist when I was 12 years old; I even wrote my seventh grade final paper on it. So for the next 10 years I did everything I could to make that happen. I worked incredibly hard in high school to get into an outstanding journalism program. When I entered that program at Butler University, I took advantage of every single opportunity I could. I completed four internships and held three different positions on the school paper, including editor-in-chief my senior year. Then during finals week last May, I interviewed at the Greenfield Daily Reporter and was offered a job as a staff writer.

So here I am, loving every second of it and being so very grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve been afforded to get here. Some days I still can’t believe I get to do exactly what I want for a living.

But my love for journalism and my job has nothing to do with the money. I knew it would pay poorly going into and that was just fine with me. It still is.

But if there is a way to turn another one of my passions – sewing – into a way to a) be self-sustaining (it’s not a cheap hobby, am I right?) and b) afford a little extra income that will allow me to take some of the financial burden of my schooling off of my parents, then I’m going to do everything I can to make that happen too.

-So excuse all my realness if that’s not your thang-

Back to the sewing:

Check out my shop: Crafty@Night on Etsy.

Here’s just a taste:

And get excited for more sewing projects to come – both are clothing! Here’s a sneak peek of two: The first I just finished but cannot fully reveal until after Father’s Day. The second is still in the works!

Pour mon pere:

New fashion project, in the works:

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Moving part 1: Easy graphic art

I was ridiculous for thinking I was going to get a post up on election night. That is honestly laughable – election night is probably the busiest and most important day of the year (technically two days a year, primary and general) for a journalist.

But despite my lack of posting I have actually been crafting – a lot! There hasn’t been a ton of sewing, more decor crafts for my new apartment, which I’m very excited to say I get the keys to on Friday.

I’ll post more of the projects as I complete them and get time, but here is one for you!

I saw this awesome typographic poster at Target but wasn’t going to pay for it. Instead I made a scaled down version for about $5 with letters from the sticker letters on card stock from the craft store and a dollar store frame.












I think this will look really cool mixed in with a collection of other framed things on a white wall.

Again, I’m getting lots of great ideas from pinterest. Follow me @arikaherron

Have you made anything from pinterest yet?!

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