Tarn and other knitty-ness.

My knitting obsession continues. Seriously, I’ve barely slept this week and there are definitely yarn scraps in my bed. But that’s really beside the point, the point being the fruits of my tireless labor.


The best bow ever.



I’m just really obsessed with the hot pink worsted weight yarn. And it’s a bow, so duh it’s awesome. Also, I used this little project to learn the moss stitch. I really like the results, but don’t necessarily love how time consuming it is.

I’ve been reading up on knitting the past few days and heard that knitting Continental style is much faster. I’m right-handed so English feels pretty natural. Thoughts my more experienced yarn-minded compatriots?


Another awesome bow, this time in headband form.


I used some really lovely black worsted weight Red Heart yarn. It’s a different line that’s much softer than the Super Saver I’ve used thus far.

I knitted this on US 13 needles, doubled stranded. As I’ve said before, I’m impatient. I also wanted something with a little more body that would both stand out against my hair and also be able to hold up to it. I have a lot of hair.

Both pieces are just a simple garter stitch, but they get this really great knobby texture when knitted with two strands held together on these fat needles.

I’m enjoying these little projects, just to see how different needle size, weight and stitch styles can change the look of something. The experimentation will continue!

And a lot of it will be with this:




If you are unfamiliar, Tarn is t-shirt yarn. Made from t-shirts cut into continuous strips and then just essentially stretched out into long tubes, this stuff is awesome. And seriously, so easy.

Which leads me to ask: HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS SOONER?!

Perhaps because I wasn’t knitting until now. Anywho, better late than never.

I made these three “skeins” last night out of some old/oversized t-shirts I had around the apartment. I have intentions on thrifting some more material this weekend though.

If you’re interested in making some yourself, here and here are a couple of great resources. I won’t bother reinventing the wheel with so many good tutorials out there already. And seriously, it couldn’t be easier.

My only word of warning: near seams, on thin strips or on particularly fragile material, be careful not too tug TOO hard. You risk ripping your tarn!



I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do with the tarn yet, but there are tons of great ideas on Pinterest. First up will probably be this Lion Brand pattern though, which calls for their Zpagetti yarn. Which, from what I can tell, is fancy tarn.

Anyone out there have experience working with tarn? Project ideas welcome!


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