Spring tops and perfect PJ prints!

It’s done! Well at least the first one is!
The first of what you may be asking (amiright?)… The first of my Spring Top Sewalong submissions! Below is just a sneak peak. Im hoping our photographer at work will take an actually good picture of the shirt.


The fit of this Sorbetto is still a little off… a little shorter than I would like and too baggy, but it’s still perfectly wearable and I LOVE the print! It’s pink, purple, yellow and green floral paisley – so springy! And the material is a silky something-or-other which is super comfortable. Working with a fabric with more drape (as opposed to the stiff cotton Sorbetto I made a few weeks ago) let me really see how the pattern fits. I think I’ll be able to make some changes to hopefully have a better-fitting top the next go around.

And I made the whole thing in one night! Admittedly, I stayed up wait too late finishing it and am totally dragging at work today, but it was worth it. What an excellent feeling!

The last bit of exciting news it that I have selected my fabric and pattern for Karen’s Pyjama Party! The fabric is a silky peachskin (not nearly as fuzzy as I was expecting for such a name, but I’m glad of that) and I’m just obsessed with the print. It’s gorgeous. Actually, the more I look at it the more doubts I’m having about wanting to make PJs out of it. But good news is that it was on sale for half off. Whoo!

You can see both the fabric and pattern below. I’m going to make view B but modify it. I want it to have swingy three-quarter length sleeves, either with elastic or ties at the bottom of the sleeves. OR without at just trimmed with that black lace you see below. I think the lace will also go around the bottom and neckline… we’ll see.


Fabric close up:


Isn’t it great?

I’m very excited and I totally love these sewalongs. It gives me some direction and makes me try projects and things I otherwise might not. Thanks Rae and Karen!

Is anyone else participating in any fun projects right now?!


UPDATE: Argh. Just last post I said I was going to be more proactive about recording my fitness endeavors leading up to the Worldwide WP 5k. And I already forgot. But better late than never, yes? Well yesterday I was able to get in a quick mile and half before my Pilates class. I wish I would have had more time to run but I couldn’t skip Pilates for it. I’m terrible at doing any sort of strength training on my own and that class works me like no other. But for those interested in doing more running, I have found that squeezing in a quick mile or two when that’s all you have time for to be very helpful. It also gives me a chance to push up my speed – something I’ve been working on. I ran at 7 mph yesterday, a pace I’m not sure I could keep up running longer distances (yet).

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3 thoughts on “Spring tops and perfect PJ prints!

  1. mujerboricua says:

    I love your fabric choice. It’s really sweet!

  2. […] lot about the PJ sewalong. I was still not thrilled with the pattern I purchased, as blogged about here. I wanted to add sleeves so I decided to start with the top pieces from the Butterick pattern as a […]

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