Second sewalong!

Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself here, but I am going to publicly commit to my second sewalong!

Karen is one of the first sewing blogs I started reading and she just announced a pyjama sewalong! I’m so pumped and plan on making an extra comfy night gown, as I detest all pants (except yoga).


I’m not sure yet what pattern I’ll be using, but so far I’m thinking about taking a t-shirt piece of a simplicity pajama pattern I already have and just lengthening it to be a t-shirt dress like those soft slinky looking things from Vickie’s (who knew a t-shirt could be so sexy?!) or making a pillowcase-esque nightie, like the one found on The Mother Huddle. Obviously I’ll need to adapt it for big girl sizes, but how cute is this:


I’d like to do something a little fancier, but I’m not sure I’ll have the time or ability just yet and I’d like to make sure I get it done. I wasn’t able to do ANY sewing over the holiday weekend as Pat and I went home to visit the families. It was wonderful (waaaay too much eating) but I did have an itch to get started on some new projects. I’ll be focusing on this and the Spring Top Sewalong, my first top of which I’m literally dreaming about. Since I’ve chosen the Sorbetto – something I like and am comfortable with – I’ll be taking a lot of inspiration from Mena at Sew Weekly for variations to make on the original patterns. I definitely want to add sleeves!

I encourage everyone to join the pyjama party. If you are, what are you making and what comfy PJ fabrics do you suggest?!

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4 thoughts on “Second sewalong!

  1. mujerboricua says:

    Oooh! I am also taking part in this. I can’t decide if I should use something warmer, like brushed cotton. Or light, like a simple cotton.

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