Somebody stop me!

I have a serious fabric-buying addiction. Exhibit A:


I may have gone just a little overboard this weekend at JoAnn’s, but in my own defense she was having a great sale. I spent $60 on all of this greatness and saved $95. I SAVED $95. I’m still excited about it. The patterns were on sale for 99 cents each and most of the fabric was on sale, from $2.99 to $9.99 a yard.

Here’s a close up of my favorite:


And more so you can see the whole pattern:


The color is a little off (iPhone photography in a poorly lit apartment doesn’t do it justice) but it’s so pretty and I think it will make a great spring top.

I’m also really excited about this one:


It was not on sale but I had a coupon for 40% off. I’ve had my eye on it for a while and am planning a sweet little short sleeve top with it. Perfect for spring and summer!

Actually all of the fabric, save the solid hot pink cotton is going to be tops… about five more  Sorbetto tops with different details, ha. Maybe its a cop out to keep making the same easy pattern over and over again but I just like it so well. Do any of you have patterns you just keep going back to?



Skirt update. I’m still working on my Cynthia Rowley skirt – Simplicity 2512. If you remember back to this post I messed up this when putting in the pockets – essentially the first step. I had to take apart everything I had done so far and basically start over, which was so frustrating to think about I needed a break from it to work up the energy. But I did and I’m very glad about it! I took everything apart on Saturday and have been working on it every day since. If all goes as planned I could finish it tonight! While I’m not sure its going to be the most flattering make on me, it does look really nice. And even the non-matching plaid doesn’t bother me (but I kind of like things like that… I could see it bothering someone a little more proper). I’ll be sure to get a photo of the progress tonight!

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One thought on “Somebody stop me!

  1. […] opportunity to try some of the Sorbetto modifications I’ve been thinking about with my stack of beautiful spring fabrics I picked up last weekend. I also like that these things have deadlines – as a journalist […]

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