Spring cleaning

Even though it already feels like summer in Indy, spring is officially upon us. That means it is time for, you guessed it, spring cleaning!

The beautiful weather last night had me feeling particularly inspired so after a great zumba class I stopped by Target for a few essentials and came away with some cork board and masking tape to make a mini sewing table/station, inspired by this awesome project.
Now, I live in a studio so there would just be nowhere to put something like that. I’d have to get rid of my couch (which is actually only a loveseat because a real couch wouldn’t fit) and as much as I like sewing I also enjoy having somewhere to sit.

So instead I rearranged the furniture I had to make a cubby, shelf guy that was tucked up against the wall more accessible.


I managed to clear out the top row of bins for sewing storage and whatnots.


I attached the cork to the top of the unit, allowing me to pin patterns and fabric in place.


I also topped it with, what else, blank newsprint. BTW – the end of a roll of blank newsprint is just a great thing to have around the house. The weight of it is somewhere in between brown craft paper and tracing paper. It’s very versatile and an “end roll” like mine costs $1 at our printer. So check your local newspaper/printing facility. The presses can’t use the ends of the rolls so they sell them dirt cheap and it will last forever.

And just a nifty little aside: I have found a chopstick (placed in a Ball jar here) makes the perfect bobbin holder. I was beginning to wonder what to do with these little guys when this idea popped up. I have an extensive collection of chopsticks, mostly jacked from PF Changs over the past five years or so, that I have never once used. I really only use them for sushi and I leave that up to the professionals.


So after continuing the cleaning and rearranging rampage through the rest of my apartment, I am very happy with the result and ready to sew.

Here’s a peek at my next project:


It is the Cynthia Rowley pattern I mentioned last week. I read a few reviews of the pattern after I cut out the pieces (stupid, I know) so I’m a little apprehensive now but we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully better than it did tonight when I started the project. First, it’s my own damn fault for choosing a plaid fabric. I bought extra, just like it says, to try and match and I thought I had it all figured out. That is until I started pinning the pieces together tonight. There is no matching whatsoever and I don’t know what I did wrong. I’m going to just make it anyway since it’s all cut out but we’ll see if it looks too stupid. Also, I’m going to have to take apart pretty much everything I did tonight – and I was being so careful to make pretty seams! – because I’m a moron and sewed the pockets in wrong. And this isn’t even my first experience with pockets!

Alas, I will try, try again.

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2 thoughts on “Spring cleaning

  1. Posky says:

    Those little basket pod things are infinitely useful.

  2. […] I’m still working on my Cynthia Rowley skirt – Simplicity 2512. If you remember back to this post I messed up this when putting in the pockets – essentially the first step. I had to take […]

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