Wings, chins and smoking jackets… Just another night.

So tonight I made another recipe adapted from Claire Thomas. It’s basically just smothering chicken drummettes in teriyaki sauce and sticking them in the oven for 45 minutes at 425. Her instructions said to pop them up the broiler for the last few minutes to crisp up the skin. I think I should have set it on “lo” instead of “hi” since they burnt a little before getting all the way crisped. I used Kikkoman brand teriyaki – not bad!



I also made a rice adapted from a Rachael Ray recipe for “lime-scented rice.” Basically you cook rice in chicken stock instead of water and add in a healthy pinch of fresh lime zest. I only had fresh lemon on hand so I used that instead in brown rice. I absolutely love lemon anything so I thought it turned out great! I just sliced up some fresh spinach leaves and tossed them in at the end. All in all the whole thing turned out to be a pretty, flavorful and surprisingly filling dinner!


Now on to a portion of the blog I have thus far neglected: the sewing! I was so exhausted after staying up too late last night and getting up early to tutor this morning so I skipped the gym to just come home and sew, cook and hang out with Francis!

The light of my life:


I let him run around in his giant hamster ball while I sew. That way I feel like he’s still out of the cage having fun and I’m not neglecting him, without having to keep a constant eye on him or worry about him chewing on my fabric (chinchillas chew on EVERYTHING).

So my current project, which I have been dragging on for WAY too long, is a “smoking jacket” as commissioned by Pat. It’s made of this pain-in-the-behind black silky fabric that needs to have every seam double-stitched because I’m afraid it’ll fray and fall apart. I know this is a real possibility because I had to remake the belt loops about 7 times before I made them wide enough and stitched the seams enough times that they didn’t come apart when I turned them right side out. I’m finally almost done! I’m planning on having the sides all sewn together before I go to bed tonight (God help me) and then all that will be left is hemming. And the monogrammed pocket that Pat has requested I add (not part of the pattern). We’ll see about that though. At this point, I feel like he’s pushing both my abilities and my patience 🙂

My goal though, and hopefully this blog and any readers will help hold me to this, is to have it finished by the time he gets back from Spring Break. That is exactly one week from tomorrow. I’ve spoken the deadline aloud, or more accurately put it in writing, so now it has to happen. I am, after all, a journalist. I’m nothing if I can meet a deadline, right?

The pattern I’m using is Simplicity 9330 (A). I’ll post pictures of the jacket soon! Then I can move on to the pile of other projects I have waiting – including a Cynthia Rowley skirt and a Burda dress. Very excited for both!

Does that happen to anyone else? You get stuck on one project that seems to take forever and before you even finish your mind is looking forward to the next one? I’m new to sewing but I hope this isn’t how all future projects go… I’m thinking the particulars of this one are just making it too frustrating to really enjoy. I don’t remember feeling this way during the other things I’ve sewn. If anyone has tips to stay on task during a frustrating project, please share!

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